Lessons from Disasters

Robin Low • 17 October 2018

Disasters are tragedies, however, they also serve as a lesson for us to examine the consequences of actions taken and help us formulate new solutions and policies to prevent and mitigate suffering and losses.



Sichuan Earthquake 2004




It was found that many new buildings have collapsed because of substandard building quality. From the rubble, empty cans were found embedded in the structures. 

After investigations, developers were put in jails and building codes strengthened to prevent similar occurrence from happening. 


Palu Tsunami 2018


The Tsunami that hit Palu in Sulawesi, Indonesia has seen more than 1000 deaths. Even after the lessons from the 2004 Asian Tsunami, many were still killed by the Tsunami. In fact, there was a budget and a Tsunami warning system put in place. However, the system was stolen or vandalized, and there was no Tsunami warning in 2018.

Hopefully, this can be a lesson for us to learn that many of these disaster solution need a budget to implement, and more importantly, a budget to maintain and make sure it works in times of need.


-- Robin Low





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