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Robin Low • 2 June 2017

2015 Nepal Earthquake killed more than 8,000 people and leaving more than 2,000,000 Nepalese people homeless. Villagers affected by earthquake were already living in poverty.

Tourism, a big source of income for Nepal is badly affected, even though the popular destinations are not really damaged by the earthquake.

A lot of donations are received after the Earthquake, but most of them focus on infrastructure, and little goes to local economy. Hundreds of millions pledged went to hire foreign labor, buy foreign materials to rebuild roads and buildings.

Lessons learnt from Haiti is that when continual aid is pumped into the country, local businesses are affected and the marginalized people will become worse off and eventually dependent to the source of aid. Today, Haiti – once an agriculture produce country for France – is no longer able to feed itself as donated and subsidized food destroyed the farming industry.

Relief 2.0 in Nepal:
the Art Impact Nepal initiative

After the Earthquake, Relief 2.0 ran several empowerment workshops in Nepal and a group of artists were interested in using art for disaster recovery. After brainstorming, the plan was to sell their art to help the recovery process, and to make the who initiative sustainable, the funds raised by the sales of art was to go to build art studios where the artists train the villagers in the damaged villages to make handicrafts, and eventually bring these handicrafts to market and sell them to increase the incomes of the villages so that they can earn more money to rebuild their own homes.

Impact Art Nepal Artists in 2017
Impact Art Nepal Artists in 2017

Art Impact Nepal is a social initiative that engages the power of the humanities to promote understanding and peace. Using art as a medium, Art Impact Nepal brings artists and innovators to other countries and allow the exchange of ideas and crowdsource solutions for marginalized communities.

Impact Art Nepal Collaborators
Impact Art Nepal Collaborators

Art Impact Nepal is a series of events.

  • Mithila art workshop to share the appreciation of Mithila art.
  • Art for social good workshop talks about art as a medium of communication. Artists can come and exchange ideas and learn more about Nepalese Art
  • Social Innovation Workshop to share how art can be used for disaster recovery and alleviate poverty.
  • The art exhibition displaying art from prominent artists will be on exhibition and for sale, with the proceeds going towards the Impact Art – Nepal project. (see goals)
  • A bazzar selling handicrafts made in Nepal by the villagers
  • Challenging conventional giving:
    • Donors -> Conscious buyers,
    • Recipients -> Generators of wealth.

The Goals of Art Impact Nepal

  • To support entrepreneurial activities in Nepal, transforming the survivors into entrepreneurs before they get turned into refugees by the conventional system.
  • To engage international innovation community on solutions to rebuild a better Nepal.
  • Run art programs in these studios to enable villagers to make handicrafts and art and increase their income.
  • To create more awareness of Nepal and Nepalese art and crafts.
  • To promote art and culture of Nepal.
  • Allow visiting (international and domestic) artists to come and visit the villages and train the villagers and create collaborative works.
  • Allow visiting international artists to return to their countries to spread the beauty of Nepal.
  • Build earthquake proof art studio centers with land provided by local artists in Bhaktapur, Bungmati and other regions where the earthquake damaged, for artists to work and stay.
  • Build rooms for international artists to visit stay to engage with locals in the studios and to be inspired by the scenery in Nepal.
  • Promote social art-tourism, where international artist can interact with local artists and exchange ideas.

How can you help?

If you are interested in supporting Art Impact Nepal. You can do the following:

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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