Global Marketplace of Local Goods and Services

Our marketplace allows global consumers to buy directly from local producers and communities from around the world and in disaster areas.

Consumers get to buy colorful, original, environmental-friendly goods with cultural identity and value which also help to provide dignity and generate wealth for disaster survivors and remote communities.

We offer complete traceability of the money, so you know where every dollar from the price spent goes to and how it is distributed.

But beyond that, you get to know and learn about the faces, the people, the communities behind the products and services and the lives around them.

We aspire to substitute donations whose destiny is uncertain with purchases, charity with dignified sales, turning global donors into conscious consumers of local products and services. We differentiate from other initiatives by...

  • Complete traceability of funds, accountability and transparency of operations.
    • Buyers know exactly where their money goes, how it is distributed and which community, artist, professional or seller gets the money and what percentage of it.
  • Engagement of communities impacted by disasters.
    • We focus on communities affected by disaster and boosting their recovery through the activation of the local economy and generation and distribution of local wealth.
  • Promoting social entrepreneurship, sustainable and dignified activities.
    • Beneficiaries’ income based on the amount of sales, not fixed income.
    • This allows them to become entrepreneurs, hire others, distribute costs and expand.
  • Direct / Personal connection with beneficiaries.
    • Local sellers and communities are showcased through stories, pictures and videos.
    • Buyers, organizations and the public can contact the sellers directly.
  • Customized, On Demand Products.
    • Users can pay a premium price to request personalized items customized by the artists, ie. songs with the buyers name in the lyrics, stories with the name of a child included in the book or audio, paintings with a desired theme, embroidered initials on clothing, etc.