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Relief 2.0: 1 Year After - Photo Exhibit at Hub Singapore
Relief 2.0: 1 Year After - Photo Exhibit a success
Weekend photo exhibit a success drawing a crowd of over 100 people.

Singapore, May 13th 2012 - Relief 2.0, a movement promoting efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery, organized a weekend photo exhibit that lasted from the 12th to 13th of May 2012 at the Hub Singapore to showcase the Tohoku recovery 1 year after the Japan Tsunami. Displayed photos were sold with the sale proceeds used for buying art and handicrafts made by the tsunami survivors for Relief 2.0’s upcoming traveling international art show. The first of which will be opened at the Grameen Creative Lab at Kyushu university during Social Business Week in July, followed by a second exhibit at the National University of Singapore.

Visitors who came for the photo exhibit saw the progress of the recovery from the photos and learned about the field work needed to help the devastated region fully recover. Several visitors to the exhibit remarked that they were moved by what they heard and saw.

“As a Chilean, I found this wonderful initiative by Relief 2.0 to promote awareness about the power of nature and how Mother Earth can hit us with a fatal and disastrous force.” said Armando Popa, while visiting the exhibit over the weekend. “It is good that people can learn about solidarity and unity in face of cataclysms.”

“Relief 2.0’s exhibit reminded me that the rebuilding of tsunami stricken Japan is far from complete. There's still an obvious aftermath of immense destruction that serves as a constant reminder to the survivors of that fateful day.” remarked Singaporean Hermione Poh.

“It was vital to illuminate people on the current state of the Tohoku region and inform them about the challenges the Japanese people are facing during this time of recovery. Even though the subject matter of our talks and photos is of a somber nature, I also hope that our stories helped to instill hope in our visitors that things in Tohoku will be alright eventually.” said Shawn Danker

“We want to promote an inclusive way of disaster relief.” Robin Low co-founder of Relief 2.0. “One that supports local capacity and help rebuild their economy. These exhibits really helps creates more awareness and gives people more options to support the survivors.”

About Relief 2.0

Relief 2.0 is an organic movement of multidisciplinary volunteers and partner organizations from around the world working together to promote efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery through the active engagement of local stakeholders. More information can be found at


Shawn Danker
shawndanker [at] hotmail [dot] com

Robin Low
robin [at] doing [dot] gd

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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