join our quest to enable the businesses of Tohoku to re-open and kickstart the local economy

Team Work Universal Humanity Interview with surviving business owner... Kanyama... Noboyuki, surviving dentist who lost his wife... Noboyuki, re-opens, honoring his wife... Musical hope... Relief 2.0 in action... Bringing certainty to an uncertain future...

Sustainable Recovery in Haiti Panel

Join a select group of key stakeholders this Saturday Jan 12 on the third anniversary of the earthquake as we look back and forward to the future. A joint effort of Relief 2.0, Stanford University and ESIH. (more...)

Road to the Future Photo Exhibit

A visual journey through the impact of the earthquakes that hit Haiti in January 2010 and Japan on March 2011, the joint response and sustainable recovery efforts. (more...)

Journey of the X

Bicycle ride from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, New York and Boston. Bringing together the TEDx communities on these cities and raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of innovation and collaboration. (more...)

Fote Shaking Table Separation Brings Economic Benefits for You

Shaking table separation is used for gravity separation of fine grained material equipment, widely used in the sorting tin, tungsten, gold and silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium iron and coal, etc. Shaking table separation made by our factory has a long history, and constantly develop innovation, from the initial straight wave surface based on the development to the single bed wave surface of bed table. Shaking Table is one of the main equipments of gravity concentration.

The Energy-efficient Fote Lignite Coal Dryer

Lignite coal dryer produced by Fote Macinery adopts the unique design and advanced technology, which can save energy and protect the environment.

Why Should You Be With The Natural Skin Care Products

Caring for your own skin is an important part of preserving your general appearance and health. A healthy person will surely obtain an fantastic complexion. Nevertheless, while you grow older plus in specific temperatures, you should take proper care of your skin via specific items.

The best skin care products are the ones that have only natural ingredients within them. This really is real because people who have balanced and healthy diet are apt to have great skin. They do not use any products and are also in a position to keep a good complexion and texture too. By way of example, water is known as being one of the best things that you can make use of to deal with your own skin. If you drink plenty of water on a regular basis, you will probably be able to maintain the health of the skin.

That is exactly why Natural Skin Care Products are meant to end up being the best. If you use a product who has loads of artificial ingredients within it then you might find yourself facing a good number of allergy symptoms or any other comparable side effects. The deal with synthetic ingredients is that they try not to concur with the body requirements of every individual being. Due to this fact, upon making use of such a product, every person’s skin is going to react differently. Therefore, it is important to speak to a doctor before you decide to actually end up utilizing such a product.

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that skin care products do help. By way of example, folks who begin to get old may take proper care of the wrinkles to their faces by using certain types of products. Nevertheless, these types of individuals are additionally suggested to make use of organic skin care products simply because getting old is a normal sensation. There's no full method of stopping your skin from looking wrinkly. However, you are able to slow down the procedure.

Making use of natural skin care products is also beneficial as you do not need to refer to a doctor before utilizing them. Natural items consist of herbs along with other comparable types of components. They are ingredients which you can find in these plants. For instance, aloe Vera is regarded as a great therapy for problems such as acne. Some people also apply mint leaves in order to make a paste out of them they can end up putting to their faces at night.

In contrast, there are certain organic skin care products which are created from aloe Vera ingredients. These types of products are great as they present you with all of the benefits that you'd have the ability to get from using aloe Vera straight on your face. However, in order to use aloe Vera in its natural form, you are going to need to move the plant in your residence, plant it and after that take out its extract each night. This may be a difficult process.

However, regardless of whatever method you may prefer to proceed, the main thing to remember is going to be only use natural skin care products!

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The Solving Methods to the Ring Formation of Rotary Kiln

In the cement making procedure, the cement raw material is calcined,mixed and smashed to clinker in the cement rotary kiln. Then the clinker will be grinded and then mixed with some batching to make into cement.So,the key point for controlling the quality of cement should happened on cement rotary kiln.

The benefits Of Playing Free Slots

If you want to get to the casino frequently on your vacations, I may have a proposal that will probably be of great interest to you. Nowadays, you will find casino internet sites that you can sign-up on and after that be able to get use of totally free Slots and other similar types of games. Typically, when you like to go to the casino, you really need to take enough time out to drive there and for many people that can be tough due to difficult work schedules. On the contrary, there are lots of nations on the planet in which use of casinos along with other comparable types of places is quite limited. Most people are not really in a position to take part in such tasks owing on the proven fact that it may be risky in some countries.

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Portraits of Artisans Exhibition

There are many artisans in Haiti and within the Dominican Republic. In some of the villages near the border, in Dajabon, Jimani and Barahona, I've met many people living in poverty. Initially, I was confused why people at the borders were having a harder time than the rest of the country. In Tijuana, the border between Mexico and the US, there are a lot of opportunities, and the people there are doing much better than the other parts of the country. Similarly, Johor Barhu, the town in Malaysia on the border with Singapore often gets a big boom in terms of visitors and businesses.

Disaster Response and Relief Ideas and Topics for the Hack4Good Hackathon

On February 8, alongside with the Race for Resilience happening in Tokyo, the Relief 2.0 team held a Hack4Good and Disaster Night activity. Doing in a creative way to work on new ideas that haven’t been thought before, describing scenarios and discussing the main keys to address the problem.

We created profiles of extreme cases that could go on a disaster and started developing them.

  • Ballet teacher trapped in the academy with the custody of students.


-  Temporal custody of the children left with her.

Disaster Response and Relief Ideas and Topics for the Race for Resilience Hackathon

On January 10, 2014, the fourth anniversary of the Haitian 2010 earthquake, the Relief 2.0 team held an international "ideathon" and digital hangout with Civil Innovation Lab partners and friends from around the world to discuss key issues to address and work as part of our participation in the Race for Resilience hackathon organized in Tokyo on Febrary.

Key participants in the discussion included:

Race for Resilience: International Ideathon

A dynamic, highly interactive and participative brainstorming session on the challenges faced by individuals, families, communities, cities and countries as a whole for resilience, disaster response and recovery and how to better prepare for unexpected disasters and crisis. Summary of the discussions, findings and recommendations is available on our blog (click here).

Relief 2.0 connected professional teams of experts in disaster relief and recovery in 4 cities:

Friday, January 10, 2014 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Empowering Artisans Photo and Crafts Exhibit

In the towns of Dajabón and Jimaní, Haitians and Dominicans live together. These are border towns and although there is a lot of trade passing through the border, these towns are among the poorest towns in the world.


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