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Relief 2.0 - Japan Art Festival

All for one

I'm currently planning a project to bring art from the artists living in the affected areas in Japan to different parts of the world like NYC, Boston, Singapore, Taiwan and Mexico to help them sell their art and create awareness for the Relief 2.0 movement. One of the goals of this Art Festival is to change mindsets from donation based to one of conscious buying, which would give dignity to survivors who work and earn their own money and benefiting the economy in the disaster areas. I believe that this will accelerate the recovery process.

The proceeds of the art show will benefit our Relief 2.0 Business to Business as well as the local artists living in the disaster area. I am currently raising funds from selling photos at local events, Relief 2.0 photos as well as our Cafe Press Store to ship the photos.

I am requesting help in a few areas.

Sourcing for artists in disaster areas.
1) Oil Paintings, Charcoal, Acrylic, Water Color, etc.
2) Origami Artists, Sculptures, etc.
3) Calligraphers, etc.

I am also looking for an experienced team leader who can help curate the art, so I don't waste fund shipping art which cannot sell.

I also need help sourcing Galleries who are interested to run the art shows. We will do some profit sharing with the galleries if the galleries can help market the art as well. And there will not be funds allocated to rent locations.

The sale of the art will be divided transparently like this.

Sale price - (Cost of shipping + profit sharing with Gallery) = Nett Profits

50% of the Nett Profits will go to the artists who live in the Tsunami affected areas and 50% will go to Relief 2.0 to run Relief 2.0 activities such as Relief B2B and Relief 2.0 Marketplace.

If there are other artists in Japan who are interested to contribute their art or donate their works to Relief 2.0 for the art show, we can also accept them.

We may be getting sponsors for shipping, and hence cost may be reduced more.

Please contact me for more clarifications and suggestions.

Thank you and best regards,

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if uneed me to help u in japan please call me and let me know and see how we can put it together and i have a friend here insingapore who sell arts to banker and mnc company and she is lindy from silver rue and u can contact her and goggle in website and also phish communication shirlene a experience art personality in singapore who were my neighbour and i am not sure if they could assit or help u in the project u are partaking and ivan is meeting lindy tomorrow the husband wife at three pm tomorrow and introducing an artist jannett maxey to her and she might buy one massage bed from me too tomorrow at far east shopping centre and let me know if uare here in singapore and let catch up to see if we can work indirectly to network with one another again ... ivan keep up your good work

Robin Low's picture

Hi Ivan,

I tried contacting you but the system failed several times, I have now confirmed that I'm coming to Singapore for this event, can you please contact me at robin(at)


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