Sustainable Recovery in Haiti Panel

Join a select group of key stakeholders this Saturday Jan 12 on the third anniversary of the earthquake as we look back and forward to the future. A joint effort of Relief 2.0, Stanford University and ESIH. (more...)

Road to the Future Photo Exhibit

A visual journey through the impact of the earthquakes that hit Haiti in January 2010 and Japan on March 2011, the joint response and sustainable recovery efforts. (more...)

Journey of the X

Bicycle ride from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, New York and Boston. Bringing together the TEDx communities on these cities and raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of innovation and collaboration. (more...)

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Women's Empowerment


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Summary Resilience Assessment for Port-au-Prince*

Port-au-Prince is a particularly vulnerable city, located in the path of frequent hurricanes, with common tropical storms, an active rainy season and a high population density with limited access to drinking water, sanitation services, sewage and health facilities. In addition it is near the edge of the Caribbean plate, on the Gonâve microplate right above the Enriquillo–Plantain Garden fault zone.

Sample Christmas Products from Guatemala for Market of Hope

Arbolito Navideño con QuitaPenas Guatemaltecos

As we get ready to launch the Market of Hope on-line store in time for Christmas, we've been curating, evaluating and selecting products to offer from our visits with Peace Boat to Guatemala, Haiti and Panamá, as well as our visits to Japan and the Dominican Republic.

Here is a first look at some of the products from Guatemala, commercialized by Sara Payola and her husband Pablo Coxaj Morales at the general market in Antigua.

If you can not wait for our marketplace to open next week or prefer to contact them and buy directly from them, here is their contact information:


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