Sustainable Recovery in Haiti Panel

Join a select group of key stakeholders this Saturday Jan 12 on the third anniversary of the earthquake as we look back and forward to the future. A joint effort of Relief 2.0, Stanford University and ESIH. (more...)

Road to the Future Photo Exhibit

A visual journey through the impact of the earthquakes that hit Haiti in January 2010 and Japan on March 2011, the joint response and sustainable recovery efforts. (more...)

Journey of the X

Bicycle ride from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, New York and Boston. Bringing together the TEDx communities on these cities and raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of innovation and collaboration. (more...)

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Guava Juice for Quick Recovery of Dengue Fever and other related illness

Up all night during Space Apps Challenge in Port-au-Prince, I got bit by plenty of mosquitoes this weekend. Then, after 8 hours in air-conditioned bus, I fell ill with fever and bone pain...

Boston Strong

Anyone free to help out in a project?

Boston Marathon is something very personal to me, it is in the city that I lived in for years, and I have many friends and family there. I've been to many Boston Marathons and met many amazing people.

I would like to collect positive stories from victims, witnesses or just heroes.

Anyone free to do me a very big favor to walk down Boylston Street to chat with the people there?

I want to collect stories to write an e-book to raise more funds for survivors. I need photos, videos, interviews or whatever you can help get.

Relief 2.0 -- Tohoku: Road to the Future Global Show


Relief 2.0


Standing Strong


Relief 2.0 -- Tohoku: Road to the Future Global Art and Photo Exhibition will resume in May 2013 and it will be bigger and better than ever!

If you are interested in learning sustainable ways of disaster relief and recovery, Relief 2.0 team can run the exhibtion in the city near you.

This show as several parts:

1) Photo Exhibition.

Valentine's Day Solidarity for Haiti and Japan in Creole and Japanese

As part of our Markets of Hope initiative to support the recovery of disaster affected communities through commercial and shared profit initiatives, we will announce this Friday a collection of products with candid love messages on Haitian Creole, Japanese, English and Spanish.

Relief 2.0 Photo Exhibit at Casa de la cultura Tijuana 10 Jan 2013

Relief 2.0 was at Casa de la Cultura in Tijuana on Jan 10, and many people learned about how communities can support one another and new technologies used in Disaster Relief.

Products made by survivors from the disaster areas were also for sale to empower the survivors to earn a living.

There will be more shows in Tijuana and Baja California area in the month of January.

Thanks for the support Mexico!

-- Robin Low

Relief 2.0 Events in Mexico, January 2013

Relief 2.0 is planning a series of events in Mexico, including Art and Photo Exhibits as well as conferences and presentations on efficient disaster response and sustainable recovery. Join us from January 10 to January 20 at multiple venues in Rosarito, Baja California.

Relief 2.0: Tohoku - Road to the Future Photo and Art Exhibits in USA

We will be in North America to do Relief 2.0: Tohoku - Road to the Future in Nov 2012.

As part of the global launch of Markets of Hope, the organization Relief 2.0 will host a conference about efficient response and sustainable recovery disaster.

We are looking for collaboration to run this show in North America and Mexico (Jan 2013) and if you have a Gallery or a venue, I would be glad to come. I would appreciate accomodations as well. 

The show and exhibition is usually a 1 weekend event, and I've done shows that are 1 week or 1 day.

Tohoku - Road to Recovery (Singapore) 21 Sep 2012

The event went pretty well, we had a Facebook event page which we invited more than 1000 people, and we pitched successfully to several sites,

Invitation and Poster for the Relief 2.0 / Markets of Hope Exhibit

Relief 2.0 / Markets of Hope Photo and Art Exhibit Poster

Attached are the high resolution, ready-to-print, files for the poster and invite of the upcoming presentation of the itinerant Relief 2.0 / Markets of Hope Exhibit at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, following the recent presentations in México, Boston, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Singapore.


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