Sustainable Recovery in Haiti Panel

Join a select group of key stakeholders this Saturday Jan 12 on the third anniversary of the earthquake as we look back and forward to the future. A joint effort of Relief 2.0, Stanford University and ESIH. (more...)

Road to the Future Photo Exhibit

A visual journey through the impact of the earthquakes that hit Haiti in January 2010 and Japan on March 2011, the joint response and sustainable recovery efforts. (more...)

Journey of the X

Bicycle ride from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, New York and Boston. Bringing together the TEDx communities on these cities and raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of innovation and collaboration. (more...)

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Images of Japan 1 Year After the Earthquake and Tsunami

Here are some photos of Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan, immediately after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and one year later.

The same places from the same angle has been captured one year apart in most cases.

This post remains for historic reasons and other places linking to it.

A more comprehensive and complete gallery is available at the following albums:

Talk on Media and Disasters at Ithaca College Media for Social Responsibility Course

We were given the wonderful opportunity of sharing some of our experiences and perspectives on the role of media in disasters at the Media for Social Responsibility course by Ithaca College with live remote participation of students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Liberia and USA. I spoke from the Ecole Supériore of Infotronique d'Haïti after riding my bicycle 55km.

Free Shelters for Survivors in Ishinomaki

Kasetsu Ohashi Danchi Shelter (Photo by Shawn Danker)

After the Tsunami, the survivors were living in make shift shelters in schools across the city. After a few months, the government built temporary homes for the displaced and the first few people who moved in May 2011. The survivors were given the following amenities to get them started in their homes: (Some get it pretty late, and not all the items are present during move in)

1) Air Conditioning
2) Television
3) Refrigeratior
4) Washing Machine
5) Microwave
6) Rice Cooker

Kadonowaki elementary school documentary -- Ishinomaki

Kadonowaki elementary school

On Mar 11, 2011, an earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture triggered a tsunami that hit Ishinomaki.

There are 362 students and 19 teachers and academic staff dead or missing in Miyagi Prefecture alone.

Interview with Dr Suda 1 year after the Tsunami

Dr Suda is a survivor of the Tsunami. At the age of 70 years old, he is still a dentist and is determined to re-open his dental clinic. Dr Suda did re-open his clinic 2 months after the Tsunami, and his determination did spark off other stores in the area to do so. Come listen to his experience in the past 1 year, post Tsunami.

Relief 2.0 - Japan Art Festival

All for one

I'm currently planning a project to bring art from the artists living in the affected areas in Japan to different parts of the world like NYC, Boston, Singapore, Taiwan and Mexico to help them sell their art and create awareness for the Relief 2.0 movement. One of the goals of this Art Festival is to change mindsets from donation based to one of conscious buying, which would give dignity to survivors who work and earn their own money and benefiting the economy in the disaster areas. I believe that this will accelerate the recovery process.

Skype Video Conversations with Cesar Chavez Preparatory School about Radiation

Cesar Chaves Public Charter Schools for Public Policy logo

As part of our efforts to connect youth and kids around the world and to create awareness among them about the actual issues that affect us at a local and global level, Relief 2.0 is having two video conversations via Skype with 6th grade students at César Chavez Preparatory School (better known as Chavez Prep) in Washington, DC.

Kids of Japan send wishes of hope and sing for the Kids of Haiti

Japanese kids from Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan sing for the children and youth of Haiti on a special video prepared for and presented at TEDxYouth@PortauPrince, November 20, 2011. Travailler ensemble!


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