join our quest to enable the businesses of Tohoku to re-open and kickstart the local economy

Team Work Universal Humanity Interview with surviving business owner... Kanyama... Noboyuki, surviving dentist who lost his wife... Noboyuki, re-opens, honoring his wife... Musical hope... Relief 2.0 in action... Bringing certainty to an uncertain future...

Sustainable Recovery in Haiti Panel

Join a select group of key stakeholders this Saturday Jan 12 on the third anniversary of the earthquake as we look back and forward to the future. A joint effort of Relief 2.0, Stanford University and ESIH. (more...)

Road to the Future Photo Exhibit

A visual journey through the impact of the earthquakes that hit Haiti in January 2010 and Japan on March 2011, the joint response and sustainable recovery efforts. (more...)

Journey of the X

Bicycle ride from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, New York and Boston. Bringing together the TEDx communities on these cities and raising awareness on the challenges and opportunities of innovation and collaboration. (more...)

Relief 2.0 Photo book

A picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully a photo book is worth a million hours of talk explaining and documenting efficient disaster response, solidarity and sustainable recovery with a focus on hope and achievements based on our field experiences in Japan, Haiti and field work in other countries.

The Attentions for Ceramic Ball Mill

Ceramic ball mill is mainly designed to mix, and mill materials. With less energy, it produce high fineness product. It has two types, wet mills and dry mills. According to product requirement to satisfy different customer’s requirement, the machine could use different lining board products. The milling fineness depends on the milling time. The motor is started by the coupling which can reduce voltage and lower the starting electricity. The structure is divided into integral type and freestanding type.

Do You Want to Own A Dryer Machine to Make Money?

The sealing effect of the three-cylinder dryer affects the drying efficiency and thermal efficiency. In order to achieve the desired results, we should improve the sealing equipment. The sealing device is one of the main components of the equipment. During the processing of the equipment, regular inspection is needed; if there is any problem, they need to be solved timely. After the damp raw material is put into the dryer from on end, it is turned over through string-up rake inside the cylinder and distributed uniform in the dryer.

Combination Crusher Changes Your Marketing Strategy

Combination crusher as high technology content and high integration equipment, along with the materials science, manufacturing technology, computer information technology advances, products will be integrated into the new technology, rock cone crusher, new equipment upgrades will gradually step up.Henan compound crusher fused with the help of a multidisciplinary technology, improve the design efficiency and design quality, primary jaw crusher, improve enterprise"s capacity for independent innovation and market competitiveness

Do You Enjoy Jaw Crusher to Make Interests for You?

According to different crushing requirement, it can be combined into “first crushing and then screening”, or “first screening and then crushing”, and according to the actual requirement, it can also be combined into coarse crushing, fine crushing and then screening system or coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing and screening system, primary jaw crusher, and it can also operate independently.

We Will Use Cement Mill to Change the Way of Making Cement

Cement raw materials are firstly poured into vibrating feeder, which they will be fed into primary cement crusher continuously and evenly. The material in the first warehouse, cone breaker, coarse grinding by monolayer partition panel into the second position, the warehouse lined with flat lining with steel balls, the material further grinding. Powder discharged through the discharge grate plate to complete the grinding operation.

What Should Care When Installs Small Briquette Press?

Energy saving Small briquetting machine is mainly used in nonferrous and ferrous metals ore powder ball block, directly into the furnace smelting, increase the added value. All metallurgical waste, must on furnace accessories, need energy saving pressure ball machine to complete. Such as: dust, mud pools, scale, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, and so on.

We Advocate to Use Less Infectant Briqutte Machine

Small briquetting machine is mainly used in nonferrous and ferrous metals ore powder ball block, directly into the furnace smelting, increase the added value. Metallurgical waste materials, auxiliary materials need to be on the stove, all need to pressure the ball machine to complete. Such as dust, dirt, scale, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, etc.

The Importance Of Hiring A Contractor That You Feel Comfortable Talking To On A Regular Basis

Home projects can be really hard, particularly if you have no idea what to do. If you do not even know where to start your project, get some good advice first. Then learn how each part should be done so that you will achieve beautiful, professional results.

A good tip for those interested in home improvement is to do personalized projects. Think about your interests and hobbies. Include a little bit of your own personality in every project.

Texturing walls using drywall mud can add visual interest and cover up many blemishes. It is easy to texture. Trowel drywall mud and then use a sponge, stiff-bristled brush, or just a wadded up trash bag to add texture.

There are many options that you have when replacing a lock. The cylinder, which contains the tumblers and accepts keys, is the critical piece of the lock. If your keys are lost, a cylinder replacement is a simple one. On the other hand, if you want to improve the overall appearance and/or security of a door, you'll want to change out the whole lock unit.

Use a unique container for a coffee table instead of a regular table. One alternative is to use vintage luggage in lieu of a coffee table. As a bonus, this option also adds extra storage. Display some of your books, magazine and accessories on your coffee table for definition. You can even give it a country feel by including some teacups and a tablecloth.

When hiring a contractor, be sure to keep good records and always sign a clearly stated contract. Don't make any assumptions that your contractor will do so. Keep a file of all invoices and contracts associated with your project. Such records can help both you and the contractor stay organized and focused.

You can spruce up your bookcase easily with wallpaper. Choose a design that is unusual and interesting. Only put the wallpaper on the back of the bookcase; you will see the wallpaper behind the books. This will give your bookcase a good design and it will also act as a focal point in your room.

Most basements have very little, if any, natural lighting. If you want a usable basement space, you need to be proactive in your artificial lighting installation and layout. If you happen to be one of the lucky few, your basement walls will be slightly higher than the normal ground level. If this is the case for you, you may have the ability to pit in windows so that you can let some natural light in.

Hardware isn't necessarily available from home builders on new home construction. Hardware is simple to purchase online and it's cost-effective too. You may want to get older looking pulls, modern ones or designer ones and these are able to be installed in a few minutes.

Whether you live in the suburbs or the chicest gated community, chandeliers are definitely "in". For less than $500, you can get a beautiful lighting piece to enhance your room. For more brightness, get a lighting fixture with wattage between 200-400.

You don't have to be intimidated by home improvement projects. The right information goes a long way towards making sound home improvement decisions. No matter if you are doing it yourself or you have someone do it, a little goes far.

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What about the Performance Character of Coarse Crusher?

According to the swinging ways of movable jaw plate, China jaw crusher can be divided into three types: simple pendulum stone jaw crusher, complex pendulum stone jaw crusher and compound pendulum jaw crusher. China Jaw crusher is mainly composed of fixed jaw, movable jaw, protective device and adjusting device. And What about the Performance Character of Coarse Crusher?

The performance characteristics of China jaw crusher are as follows:

1, with world-class manufacturing technology, choose the top production material.


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